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Living in Digital Times, in partnership with CTA, presents WearableTech Summit at CES 2019

WHAT: Wearable Tech Summit

You are what you wear. And at the Wearable Technology Summit at CES in Las Vegas, they’ll be wearing the latest technology on their fingers, bodies, ears, and clothing.

Wearables are rapidly going mainstream in an IoT world with the market forecasted to hit $45 million by 2021, according to SNS Telecom.  Just around the corner are the next generation of wearables useful for day-to-day life.  Wearables span health, fitness, payments, communication, and entertainment. Even the workplace is quickly migrating to new ways of managing access, training, and safety.  Smart fabrics, biotech fabrics, flexible components and invisible wearables now can record daily activity and even make a fashion statement.

When & Where: 

WearableTech Exhibition
TUESDAY, JANUARY 8 – 11, 2019 at CES
Sands Convention Center

WearableTech Forum – Wednesday January 9, 2019 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
The Venetian Level 4, Lando 4302

Who: Here’s a few of the participating companies and speakers to date: Google X, Firstbeat, Seismic, Orcam, Nuheara, Michael Yang of Comcast Ventures, Francesca Rosella of Cute Circuit, Christian Stammel of Wearables Technologies Group, Jesse Jur from NC State College of Textiles, Sylvia Heisel of Heisel Design Lab, Carlos of LogicInk with more to come.

How:  We are still in the infancy of the wearable revolution. As new technologies and materials become available, wearables are revolutionizing fashion, healthcare and workplace safety and productivity. Whether we are discussing the use of AR and VR, data collection, embedded chips or newly invented textiles, wearables are becoming easier to wear and more efficient, as well as making our lives easier. Wearable technology is literally the “internet of me.”

Why:  If you’re a journalist or influencer following this rapidly evolving market, this is the place that brings myriad wearable worlds together. We can provide expert insight and advice on today’s trends, specifics, challenges and promises ahead. LIDT founder Robin Raskin and Wearables conference producer, Julie Sylvester, can connect you with the innovators and movers and shakers responsible for launching the industry forward.

For further information: Leigh Anne Varney and Lisa Sheeran, Varney Business Communication, 415.713.0713; 510-741-1119;,